A US Marine killed Abbas Al Shakhori!

The evidence is just overwhelming. I will walk you through it and I am sure you will reach the same conclusion.

Abbas was an ex-political prisoner due to his participation in illegal protests organised by the unlicensed Haaq Movement. Abbas regarded himself as an active member of the opposition. Haaq is known for it's undeclared hate of the existence of the US Naval Base in Bahrain.

Abbas worked as a security guard for a Disco/Bar in a Hotel in Ghudiabiya. This particular bar is frequented by American navy men. He was religious. It is possible that he may have made offending remarks that pissed off one of the Bar goers. It is also possible that he may have been mistakenly considered a threat to the lives of US navy men and thus must be exterminated. Another assumption could be that an intoxicated and psychotic US marine killed him “just for the kicks”.

Let's consider the events of the shooting. It was past 2 AM, at this time most bar/club goers start returning home full of alcohol, thus, the third assumption is highly probable here.

  • When Abbas was shot, the guards standing next to him said that they did not hear the sound of a pistol/riffle firing the bullet. This means that the pistol/riffle used had what is called a sound suppressor of some sort.

  • The bullet did not come out of his scull. This proves two things, first that the bullet was fired from very long range; thus, it could only be a sniper riffle at this accuracy. Second, that the riffle did not have a large calibre ammunition otherwise a massive brain trauma would've occurred at the entry wound. The medical report concurs with my conclusions.

Based on this the only weapon that could've killed Abbas is this

The US Navy Mark 12 Mod 0/1 Special Purpose Rifle with medium calibre ammunition and a sound suppressor used during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This weapon is available only to US Navy SEALs....

Mr X.

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Gardens of Sand يقول...

Thanks for the walk through. I admit that it just may be that a US marine killed the deceased, although several questions come to my mind.

1- That is a pretty sizeable weapon, how did the marine leave the base with it?
2- Most of the marines have no cars and use taxis or walk. Why did no one see the weapon? Where could he have hidden it?
3- Where was the weapon while the marine was drinking and having fun? How could he aim with such precision if he was drinking and how did no one detect the shape of the weapon or that he was concealing it?
4- The weapon in the picture is some kind of rifle. A bullet from the rifle would go through a person's skull even from far range. Most likely, in my opinion, the bullet was shot from a handgun.
5- It is easier blaming a drunk US marine that to search for the real killer.
6- There are people in Bahrain, a certain section of our society, who do own and carry weapons, esp handguns. These ppl usually hate ppl like the deceased and feel threatened by them.
7- Though the deceased belongs to opposition, the average foreigner or marine would not know that but a Bahraini or someone in the local force would know that.
8- Even then, the deceased is not a public or known figure so even the average Bahraini would not know or recognize him.

So the question is, was the act deliberate? If so, who would recognize him, regard him as such a threat or hate him so much that they murder him. Or was it random? If it is, who is walking around with a silenced gun?

Let us not rush to conclusions before we know the full details. Although I doubt a serious investigation will take place.

moodz يقول...

GOS has well answered all issues you have raised. As for the weapon used, the one you are claiming is way far fetched.. heck it uses 45mm caliber ammunition, Abbas was shot with a shy 9mm bullet most probably fired from a short distance.

The fact that nobody have heard a shot is only normal this is Bahrain not New York, most of the street walkers wouldn't recognize the sound of a gunshot if it was looking at them straight in the eyes.