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Moodz, before we go into a solution we have to look at the causes of the problem. Sex is such a taboo topic in Bahrain (and in the middle east in general) mostly - i think - because it is considered by Islam as an act that threatens the social fabric as whole. If we consider the time period in which Islam, Christianity, and Judaism started, we see that at that time people where extremely worried of the consequences of committing sexual acts whether they result in health or social issues. Health technology progressed rapidly in the past century to the level where you could not argue that sex causes harm without the ignorance of the committer. Also if you consider the argument that sex outside the scope of marriage results in children with no way to know from which father he/she came from. Currently children can be easily tracked to their parents via DNA.

Although generalization is always discouraged, I think ALL true believers in Islam think that sex does more harm than good. They think that sexuality is akin to (the great evil that we must try to live with but completely block from the collective conscious of our societies). They seem ignorant to the fact that sexuality is a natural need just like any need we may experience such as hunger, thirst, or whatever. It is not only part of the human psyche but part of life. In fact, it may be the greatest need of all for what is greater than the need of reproduction and the survival of the human race?

The problem is that people who are susceptible to religious influence tend to take word of the mouth for granted. They never question motives, causes, or reasons. They never ask for answers and indeed they never make any questions in the first place. All that does not concern them as long as they are living in the mental comfort of a better life after death. What they don't realize is that the way they are dealing with the sex issue is causing their societies more harm than good (if any good at all). Take homosexuality as a good example. People don't realize this because it's been a long time since they've been in a situation in which they faced homosexuality. It wasn't long ago since I graduated from secondary school and during my time at a boys only secondary school we had students who were obviously in pain due to their overly active sexual desires. There was no other way to vent. Their only solution was to turn to peers who had the same overly active sexual desires to mutually gratify themselves. They realize that homosexually is a way out of the oppression of their society and so they continue the act until it becomes part of their life and now they are fully and not only casually homosexual. They never contribute to the offspring of the society, they become unconsciously angry at their society but they won't admit it. Another good example is the Saudi "punter" issue we see in Bahrain. I'm not going into detail about that but let’s say that bottling any need for an extended period of time results in a gratification explosion when the constraints are removed. Another example is the consequences of a lifetime of separation between the sexes, the individual becomes so paralyzed when they face a situation that requires the interaction of someone from the opposite sex that renders productive cross-sex interaction impossible and that would naturally mean a society that favors men over women when dealing with important decisions.

It is, indeed, true what you said that in Islam marriage is currently is the only pseudo-solution to the issue at hand. Unfortunately, most of the people getting married today in Bahrain are too young and immature to stand alone on their feet ( I am talking about laypeople not the highly sophisticated and educated people you referred to). They probably just started their careers and marriage does limit their choices if they ever need to have an unsecure future (for example when switching jobs, careers, or career progression that requires travel and extra commitments which is something important to people who just started their careers). It could not be clearer that people seeking marriage in Bahrain are plain horny. I've heard the expression "I'm horny, I need to find me a wife" hundreds of times! Marriage is not about sex, it's about commitment, it's about companionship but Islam thinks that Marriage IS sex! Lust eventually fades away and you are left with a life sentence for a crime you shouldn't be punished for (No…Divorce not only is discouraged in Bahrain, the social pressure is so strong it is near impossible).

Do you want to solve the issue Moodz? The solution is simple. Alienate the interference of religion on YOUR life and seek social support (if you need it) by making friends with those who share your point of view. Let the others live their lives in pain and torment caused by their ignorance and sick masochistic tendencies. Just don't allow them to spread that pain and destruction on to you.

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